Monday, December 15, 2008


Is been a very very long time since I last went to Murni, and yesterday I happened to hang out there for supper with friends.

Guess what, there weren't as much customers as last time. As I was wondering, I realize the workers around had totally changed to different peoples, even the boss, hmmm.... We sat down and wanted to order our meal, but eventually none of the workers around seems to serve us. As we waving hand, making noise to attract them to come to serve us, but none of them seems to bother. Either they are watching tv, sms+ing or chit chatting with each other... WTF!! Are gonna do business or what? After like 10 minutes of meaningless hand waving, Brian beh tahan and go ask them come over directly...

After finish the meals, when wanna pay the bill, same thing happen again. Damn it, are they working or what? Last time the boss and his wife were around things wasn't like that, now?? Damn, gonna ban this place FOREVER!!

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