Sunday, April 20, 2008


Demi = Half
God = the one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe

Combination of this 2 means half god, as half human being, half a god status. I doesn't know why suddenly come up with this word. This word, from what I recalled, was 1st heard from Warcraft III 1 of the scenario. Dunno why I was so obsessed with this word nowadays, hmm...

Oh Oh, I know y!! As being a god, u can have ultimate power that a human doesn't have, but apart from that, a god can't do things human can*erhemm....know whats that rite... *

Being a human can freely love and be loved. But they don't have powers god has.

So, to deal with such issue, being a demigod wuld solve the issue~right? Although doesn't as powerful as a actual god, but they still have powers and being able to love freely ain't it?

Ah...Is just my imagination out of nowhere. But peoples do visualize things that they can't achive in reality, don't they?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Working life...

Thursday...One more day to weekend...But yet feel is sooo far away and so long more to reach...

My internship life was not that good at it is...Ya, I did learn things from this company, but the difference with others is...I have to work till very late. Is kind of expected for me, working in an advertising agency, but all friends, even my colleagues said is not neccessarily for me to go back late. But the problem is...the boss has not spoken yet, how could I leave while everyone is busy rushing for the work, is ain't responsible if I leave in the middle of it right...

And yea, I went back at 2.45am this morning, yes 2.45AM!!! It was not the first time going back late, last last friday also went back at 1am. Actually I wasn't a big issue for me, cause I will take it as cope for my further career that would be in this kind of working life as well. Eventually most of my friends were furious about this issue though. "You're just doing intern, under law and regulation, yuo're not......" blah blah & blah blah...I understand that, but I just don't want make it as an issue. *so kind of me,hahaa...*

Oh well, 1 & a half month more to go, gambate till then~!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Half way trough ma busy life~ busy nowadays after my intern started...Just spend some time now update. Last saturday went state makan itik with lex hun & susan. Is not our 1st time there though, cause the itik there not bad la I guess...3.8 of 5 rating, but customer services is definitely 1 out of 5, so rude!!

Ini lah itik tu~

Lex:"Is MY mushroom, dun even think of it!!" Gam Hiong Cha Chan Teng

View from outside the shop
This is MBPJ building,the trademark building of the area.

That's about last week. Yesterday went do free shooting at cheras for APPLE magazine, as a replacement...Better than nothing ><>

And today Sunday, went Amcorp Mall look for antique probs for my company's event hosting purpose. And yeah, found a supplier who could rent this probs, so... MISSION COMPLETE~Amcorp Mall has really change a lot since last time my secondary school time. Now the place is much more crowded and has lots of stalls. Anyone looking for any old collection can actually go over there, that place full of stalls selling old stuffs, a very resourceful flee market I would say, is a place that worth a walk.

That's it I guess for the day, gonna sleep now, tommorrow still have to work.

Thursday, April 3, 2008





但 这并不代表一切是错的