Saturday, May 23, 2009


Life wasn't any good at all this year. Not to say is totally chaos, but still wasn't good enough. Ya' know, human demand for more, never satisfy...I'm those kind who never know when to satisfy, and this is where I loss a lot due to it.

I had a lot of good opportunity, in lots of aspect, but what I'm referring to here is relationship. I had few good person I can really be together with for very very long time. And what I have done, ending up with nothing. Hereby I have to apologize to GCH... he put his trust on me, but once again I have failed him. If weren't due to our bad temper, we could really make a perfect couple. As for LHS, really...God is like playing a hide and seek game between us, argh...

Is not like I'm saying I'm regretting of all the decision I made, after all this is the path I have choose. I bare the responsibility and make no excuse for myself.

I really do not know what I really want. I do not know what love really is. Perhaps I should really learn to appreciate before anything else. For now, perhaps what I need is a simply love, simple lifestyle, anything extra could drive me crazy...

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MotoIrin said...

not everyone can learn to appreciate so easily..
because human has weak memories..easy to 4get wat they did wrong and de responsibility comes at de last..n when they get something..they will think it's their thing n it wont gone this make dem not appreciating anithing when they get it..

a key words to learn appreciating is to be understanding..
while when anithing cases or argue or wat ppl treat u..bad or gud..
think on de both if u r de person A, and when u r de person B the situation..wat will u feel..this is 1 of de lesson to lean to appreciate..they is still alot to learn appreciate..n appreciating is not saying u wanna learn then u can..u mz hav a strong will n heart oni u can learn it..

i appreciating elithing..n i had learn it long time ago..why..?
because i had lost a few of my precious thg among my life n i cant spend my time with dem animore..
death can teach ppl to learn to appreciate..
mani of my precious had gone from the world..n this warn me up..appreciate thg n ppl in ur life when u still can hear, listen, see, feel dem beside u..around u...